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Hey today busy life style we can't understand our mind of state , so unforchunately we lack of awareness of exercise. We do this for reduce vertigo in few minutes. So first you can hold each posture for 30 seconds or 1 minute. 1. Place your head on the floor with chin tucked and stay 30 seconds. 2. Turn your head side to side 45 degress and stay one side 30 seconds each. 3. Come to knees with head tucked and raise up on your arms. Look forward and stay. 4. You can do it for reduce vertigo in few minutes with this simple exersise at home.
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Mentally retaired cure to yoga

 Yes its true in my house a mangol boy means mentally retarded 40 years boy leaves with us.but this is true when i met him then he was 20  years old. Still he has not very changed you will surprised to  see him and very healthy now. But how its miracle now i will tell you everything thing about him .first  i introduce . He getup almost 9 to 10 sometime he  getup early. Then he take tea after that he drank another cup of tea afternoon before he take bath 2 to 3 hours bathing he come out and take lunch after that he goes to relax for bed then he take some snakes in evening  then 5 o clock he take tea after taking tea he go for evening walk then he comes  back after he take dinner 8 o clock and than he walks around 1 hours after that he watches t.v than around 10 to 11 he sleeps this is his healthy routine. I hope you enjoy read this article. Thanks for reading. 

What 's Meditation?

 Meditation kills all pains, sorrows and gives the vision of unity. Meditation is the concept flow of one thought of God. It provides sense of oneness, meditation helps the aspirant to soar high in the realms of external bliss and everlasting peace.  Meditation is a mysterious ladder that connects earth to heaven, It follows Concentration.The best time for the practice of meditation in early morning from 5 to 6 am.  For meditation: Sit on Siddha or Sukha Asana. Keep the head ,neck and the trunk in a straight. Concentrate the space between the two eyebrows by heart, with close eyes.   Meditate on Om and its meaning with feeling. Repeat Om mentally. Identify yourself with soul. Feel  I'm the immortal self. I'm witness of there states and all modifications of the mind. I'm pure consciousness. I'm distinct from the body, mind, Prana,and senses. I'm the self luminous light. I'm external Supreme Soul. Then you have contentment, cheerfulness, patience, unruffled state


 Give your whole heart, mind and soul when you practice Karma yoga. Some people have their body in one place, mind and soul another place, that the reason we do not realize any progress in the path.      The goal of life is Self-realisation of life amidst self activities. Have you kept up the ideal before minds eye? Are you doing Pranayama and Meaditation? That day in which you don't practice any activities or spiritual sadhana is wasted. So prepare the mind for Karma Yoga.The mind is framed that it always expects something for work . Life is very precious. A raw untrained aspirant feels " He is using me for petty jobs."They who has understood the right significance of  Karma Yoga they take every work as Yogic activity or worship of the Lord. There's no menial work in his vision. Those aspirants who always takes immense delight in doing works.They will be0 absolutely free from conceit and egoism. They will have no downfall and the cancer of pride cannot touch them.  A

What's the best time for yoga performance

 Yoga plays an important role in preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma and back pain etc.As we perform yoga in empty stomach early morning is very beneficial for us. Some yogic asanas, stretching, breathing, bending stimulating blood circulation, balance the nervous system, yoga benefits the other systems in our body such as the cardiovascular and digestive system also The asanas and exercises are beneficial for our body mind ,muscles and joints, the psyche the entire energy centers, so early morning performances yoga daily is beneficial for allowing all,thus practice preventing many lifestyle diseases. 

Classification of yoga asanas and sequence

 Yoga asanas classified in to three groups # First  :beginners group- The beginners group should be performed by those who never practiced yoga asanas before. This group consists of elementary techniques designed to prepare the  body mind and meditation asanas. This practices are no way inferior and very useful in improving physical health. In this group are pawanmukt series part 1 sequences, eye exercises, relaxation, pre meditation poses,asanas also included performed from vajrasana, standing asanas,surya Namaskar etc. Second : Intermediate group- This group consists of asanas which are reasonably difficult and are are recommended for people who can perform the beginners group without any difficulty or strain. These asanas require a greater degree of steadiness, concentration and coordination with the breath. Intermediate group are includes asanas performed  from padmasana,forward bending, backward bending and spinal twisting, this group performs also inverted and balancing exercises

Paschimott asanas perform by whom

 People who suffer from slipped disc, hernia sciatica should not practice Paschimottasanas.  This asana precede or follow backward bending asana such as,chakrasnas ,bujangasanas ,setu bandh or matsyasana etc. Benefits # This asana stretches the muscles and increases flexibility the hip joints .It tones and messages entire abdominal pelvic region, it helps to remove excess weight in this area and stimulate blood circulation to the muscles and nerves  of the spine.