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Classification of yoga asanas and sequence

 Yoga asanas classified in to three groups # First  :beginners group- The beginners group should be performed by those who never practiced yoga asanas before. This group consists of elementary techniques designed to prepare the  body mind and meditation asanas. This practices are no way inferior and very useful in improving physical health. In this group are pawanmukt series part 1 sequences, eye exercises, relaxation, pre meditation poses,asanas also included performed from vajrasana, standing asanas,surya Namaskar etc. Second : Intermediate group- This group consists of asanas which are reasonably difficult and are are recommended for people who can perform the beginners group without any difficulty or strain. These asanas require a greater degree of steadiness, concentration and coordination with the breath. Intermediate group are includes asanas performed  from padmasana,forward bending, backward bending and spinal twisting, this group performs also inverted and balancing exercises

Paschimott asanas perform by whom

 People who suffer from slipped disc, hernia sciatica should not practice Paschimottasanas.  This asana precede or follow backward bending asana such as,chakrasnas ,bujangasanas ,setu bandh or matsyasana etc. Benefits # This asana stretches the muscles and increases flexibility the hip joints .It tones and messages entire abdominal pelvic region, it helps to remove excess weight in this area and stimulate blood circulation to the muscles and nerves  of the spine. 

Padahastasana Pose in English

 Padahastasana pose : or hand to foot pose  First stand with your spinen erect feet together and hand beside the body in starting position. Divide equally weight of the body on both feet, slowly bend forward, starting with head bending, taking the chin towards the chest then bending the upper trunk ,relax the shoulders forward and  letting the arms go limp. Inhale in the starting position and exhale while bending forward. Breathe slowly and deeply inhale while returning to starting position.  Practice one round 4 to 5 minutes practice upto 4 round sufficient. This forward bending poses to encourage maximum flexibility.  Precaution : This asana should not be practice which people suffering from, back complications, heart disease, high blood pressure, hernia or  sciatica also . Benefits  : This asana are very beneficial for massages and tones the digestive organs, constipation, improve metabolism and concentration with nasal and throat disease. 

Regain energy asana and prayanama .

 These asana are powerful, pranic generator which also helps to restore a balanced our metabolism.Pawanmukt series which removes blockage of energy in peripheral muscles,  practice asanas release these knots. 1.Thunderbolt pose (vajrasana) 2.Gracious pose (bhadrasana). 3.Marjariasana (cat stretch pose) 4.bow pose (dhanurasana) 1.Thunderbolt pose: Vajrasana is a very important meditation posture because the body becomes upright and straight with no effort.  How to do thunderbolt pose - Knee on the floor knees close together.Lower the buttocks onto the inside surface of the feet with the heels touching the sides of the hips. Place the hands on the knees palms down. Close the eyes, relax the arms and the whole body. Breathe normally and fix the attention on the flow of air passing  in and out of the nostrils. A few minutes daily is sufficient to the beginners.  Benefits;It alleviates menstrual disorders. It increases the efficiency of the entire digestive system, relieving stomach ailment

नियमित प्राणायाम के फायदे

  प्राणायाम वह प्रकियाओ की शृंखला है जिसका उद्देश्य शरीर की प्राण शक्ति को उत्प्रेरित  करने,बढ़ाने तथा उसे विशेष रूप से संचारित करना।प्राणायाम का उददेश्य सम्पूर्ण शरीर में प्रवाहित ' प्राण' को नियंत्रित करनाभी है  प्राणायाम के अभ्यास से आपके जीवन में आश्चर्य जनक परिवर्तन आ जायेगा ।सर्दी- जुकाम जैसी छोटी बीमारी के साथ और भी कई प्रकार के बीमारी से छुटकारा मिल सकता है परन्तु ,अच्छे परिणाम के लिए इसे नियमित रूप से अभ्यास करेगें ।आँख की रोशनी बढेगी,आप में अनंत जीवन शक्ति का विकास होगा तथा आप को जल्दी थकान का अनुभव नहीं होगा ।आपकी चिंतन शक्ति-विकसित होगी । चिंताओ और तनावो का प्रभाव आप के ऊपर नहीं होगा आप के जीवन में शांतिपूर्ण प्रवृत्ति का विकास होगा तथा आप के सोचने की नजरिया बदलने लगे गा ।  प्राणायाम के अभ्यास किसी अच्छे प्रशिक्षित निदेशक की उपस्थिति में ही करने चाहिए । अतः तनाव, चिंता  तथा  क्रोध  को दूर करने के लिए प्राणायाम बहुत उपयोगी है ।  प्राणायाम के अभ्यास  1 नाड़ी  शोधन प्राणायाम 2 शीतल प्राणायाम 3 कपालभाति प्राणायाम  4  शीतकारी प्राणायाम ,के  अभ्यास इत्यादि । हरि ऊम तत्सत

योगाभ्यास पवनमुक्त के फायदे

आइये आज हम आपको पवनमुक्तसन के कुछ ऐसे अभ्यासों को बारें में बतादे जो आपके वात रोग को कम करने में मदद करता है ।योगाभ्यास शरीर से वायु और अम्ल निकालने में सहायक होता है । लम्बे विश्राम के बाद मांस पेशियों को नये सिरे से काम करनेकेलिए इन अभ्यासों को करें । अभ्यास- 1: पैरों की अंगुलियां मोड़ना  अपने पैरों को शरीर की सीध में सामने फैला कर बैठ जाइये । अपने हाथों के सहारे थोड़ा पीछे की ओर झुक जाइये । हाथ सीधे रखिये, कोहनिया सीधे रहे । पंजों को कड़ा रखते हुए अंगुलियों के प्रति सजग रहिये । इस प्रकिया को दस बार दोहराते हुए दुसरे अभ्यासों को करें  अभ्यास- 2: टखने  मोड़ ना  अभ्यास एक की स्थति में बैठ जाए । टखनो को जोड़ो से झुकते हुए दोनों पंजों को जितना संभव हो सके, उतना आगे और पीछे मोड़ ये । इस अभ्यास को दस बार दोहराते हुए दुसरे अभ्यासों को करें ।


Yoga tradition  in order to understand this, all we need to do is observe nature. Some of the best examples of yoga tradition can be drawn from it. Nature has bestowed these in the form of tradition. Another important function of yoga tradition to disseminate ancient spiritual knowledge passed down from the rishis of the vedic era.  Yoga tradition is to pass on useful knowledge. The planets, The seasons, The plant, Animal, mineral and human kingdoms are all governed by their own set of rules. All that we know today about ourselves and the world we live in through the traditions formulated throughout the ages by different civilizations. We see a variety of traditions existing in the world today. How impossible it would have been for man to reach his present level of achievement if nature was erratic and yoga traditions, yoga traditions lend stability to life ,through stability, growth ensues, society evolves and cultures flourish. In traditions new discoveries are made and difficult tas


  Asana are very beneficial in the mild to moderate varicose veins, many patient have great improvement in their condition with regular practise of these asana.  Sarvangasana ,[shoulder stand pose], sarvangasana should be practiced for 10 minutes,in the morning and in evening and when ever legs feel tired and heavy during the day, remember rest in shavasana after any inverted posture. Sumaruasana , sumaruasana is excellent for varicose vein ,It is often the case that efficiency of the pumping system is improved, practised regularly this asana and signs and the symptoms of the varicose veins disappear.                                                         Tadaasana ,  tadaasana is good for stretching the calf muscles maximum, It is especially good for stretching the vein enhancing the muscle pump.  Pada hastasana, and paschimottasana  when these asana correctly performed , bring a positive pressure to the leg muscles Pada sanchalanasana[cycling] is especially beneficial for the varico


                                In this asana the lion is sitting quietly  ,waiting for something to happen. This is the mental attitude the mind has to adopt in order to enter meditative states. This is excellent asana for the throat, nose, ears, eyes and mouth, Simha, asana is useful for people who stutter or who are nervous and introverted. If performed facing the healing rays of the early in the morning ,especially rising sun. It relieves frustration and releases emotional tension,  It develops a strong and beautiful voice.  How to do ;Sit in with the knees about apart. If possible, face the sun for healing purposes. Place the hands on the floor between the knees with the finger pointing toward the body. In hale forward, resting the body on the arms with the elbows locked. Inhale completely then the head backwards, open the mouth and stretch out the tongue as far as possible exposing both the tongue and throat to the rays of the sun. While exhaling produce a clear, steady roaring


Some exercises and healthy habits can remove and prevent most eye diseases, if  they are practised with patience. Many children who have done theses exercises over a long period of time have discarded their spectacles. These exercises relax, revitalize and recharge the optic nerves.  If there is lack of time in daily then whole series performed once in the morning and once in the evening will suffice.                                      TIP 1  Palming ; Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously until they become hot.  Place the palms gently over the eyelid, sit quietly with the eyes closed. After each of the exercises, the eyes should be closed and rested for at least half a minute.  TIP 2 Front and side views ;Sit in base position as in exercise 1 Without moving the head, focus the eyes first on the left thumb, then on the right thumb and then return to the left thumb and repeat. Repeat the same procedure with the right fists resting on the right knee and the left hand extended


In summer stomach related problem are very high. In this season there are usually stomach related diseases ; as Irritation in the stomach pain, acidity, diarrhea and vomiting , Indigestion, Typhoid etc,in summer season the number of  bacteria increases very rapidly. Temperature  of 25 c to 40 c are considered to be the best for bacteria thrive, out side food gets contaminated very quickly. Disease  arrives when such some healthy tips for upset stomach ;   HEALTHY FOOD FOR UPSET STOMACH ABDOMINAL EXERCISE          Eat fruits and sprouts in breakfast, healthy eating  as apple and papayas are good for your upset       .    stomach. Yoghurt  is also rich in calcium and good bacteria include curd in your meal.       Avoid  excess alcohol, soda, sugary  drink, packed juices,       Improve your sleeping routine, early to bed and early to rise, make your self healthy. Dinner before           9 p.m.   Drink milk before 1/2 hour go to bed.      Keep fast at least once a day in a week, a healthy


YOGA  is the science of  healthy living and , Its works on all aspects of the person ; physical, vital, mental,  and emotional. Today, in this 21st century ,yoga is important for everyone. Yoga practices give direct benefits to everyone. Reduce your belly fat within 20 days .Every yoga exercise do continue for 5 minutes. Obesity will end with yoga. Reduce belly and waist fat ,Follow some rules and get rid obesity. Here are 10 yoga exercise ;  MOST BENEFITED  YOGA  ASANA 1 surya namaskar;    Beneficial in reducing stomach, effective in reducing stress. The body gets energy. powerful heart,also digestive system is better, cures depression, keeps blood sugar under control. takes oxygen to lungs.this asana tones the abdominal organs and gives a good stretch to lower back. 2  Padahastasana;  This asana  massages the digestive organs, alleviates constipation and indigestion.  improve metabolism and concentration  and help with nasal and throat also help to remove excess weight. 3


 Vision  is our most precious sense. Refracting muscles of the eye is to institute a series of exercises to initially relax and then to strengthen. Along with exercises for the eyes, a healthy lifestyle is necessary for us. Important thing to remember practice of yoga exercise to be totally relax.   EYE Exercises should be practised ,once in the morning or once in the evening  1.    Palming; rub the hands together vigorously until they become warm. Place the palm gently over the eyelids, without any pressure2. Blinking;  Sit with the eyes open. Blink the eyes 12 times quickly. Close the eyes and  relaxed, repeat this exercises 6 times. 3. Sideways viewing ; A sitting position with the legs straight in front of the body. raise the arms to the  sides at shoulder level, keep them straight ,make a loose fist and point the thumbs upwards. the head should not move .Look at a fixed point directly in front and on a level with the eyes. Fix the position of the head in this neutral ,then without


 Yoga  is a perfect practical system of self -culture. Yoga is an ancient vedic science. Its helps at development of  the body ,mind and the soul.  Yoga is the discipline of mind, senses and physical body. Yoga is way of the senses from  the universe and the concentration of the mind. Yoga is eternal life in the soul. Yoga aims to controlling the mind and body . Yoga makes our mind ,body, soul, immunity very powerful. It helps us leading a healthy and peaceful life.   THE path of Yoga is an inner helps in the co-ordination and control  of the subtle forces within the body. Yoga brings the perfections, peace, and everlasting  happiness. Yoga can help you in your business and in your daily life. You can calmness  of mind at all times by  the practice of yoga. You can have restful sleep, you can have increased  energy ;  vitality, longevity and a high standard of health  Yoga transmutes animal nature into divine nature and raises you to the pinnacle of divine glory and splendor. The pract


        TODAY  diabetes is most common disease in the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Diabetes   is demanding is best undertaken  while the patient is fully reident in a properly equipped yoga ashram, but you follow some  yoga  asanas meditation to maintain your mellitus diabetes .yoga  does not accept that a lifestyle based on excessive consumption of rich food, obesity and lack of exercise is a natural or desirable state. yoga seems to bring about body's insulin.anti rheumatic series of pawanmukta asana, which removes blockage of energy in the peripheral muscles and tissues.  the yoga and progress will vary for each individual. It is not to be considered absolute for all diabetics ,but should as a general guideline from individual needs and capacities, practices for diabetes mana


 This sever form of headaches occurs more commonly in women than man . It is characterized by  periodic headaches which are usually one-sided and often accompanied by visual disturbances and  vomiting. Migraine is to be caused by swelling of the arteries out side the skull due to instability of the autonomic nervous system which controls the flow of blood into the head . HEALTHY TIPS   1 Surya namaskar  is most effectively in migraine . 2   Avoid  especially tyramine rich foods, such as cheese ,chocolate and red wine. 3   If sufferer are performed  hatha yoga ,neti and kunjal at the beginning of an attack       of migraine , they gains immediate relief  4    A vegetarian diet is recommended ,avoid rich food .  5   Practices yoga nidra daily. 6   fundamental  practices for migraine  and muscle tension headache can often  eradicated completely through yoga and asanas, 7  skipping a meal and relaxing for ten minutes in shavasana will often avert an  impending headache due to mental stress


  Pranayama is generally defined as breath control. The word pranayama is comprised of two roots ; 'prana' The breath is intimately linked to all aspects of human experience. Pranayama  establishes regular breathing patterns, breaking this negative cycle and reversing the process. Most people breathe incorrectly , using only a small part of their lungs capacity. Practitioner  develop sensitivity to the respiratory process and retrain the muscles of the pulmonary cavity, enhancing their vital capacity and preparing them for pranayama.   plus 'ayama.' prana means 'vital energy' or life force . It is the force which  exists in all things, whether animate or inanimate. Although closely related to the air we breathe, it is more subtle than air or oxygen. Pranayama utilizes breathing to influence the flow of prana in the nadis  or energy channels of the pranayama kosha or energy body. The word yama means 'control' and is used to denote various rules or codes o


 Science is very clear about the effects of yoga on the brain and on human consciousness and character. The time has come to decide how to implement this as a practical scheme. In India, children are traditionally introduced to the practice of yoga at the age of eight, nine or ten. The vedic tradition has a ceremony for children of this age in which they are taught surya namaskar, nadi sodhan pranayama and Gayatri mantra. this tradition still conti nues on a small scale today, but it is also necessary to include yoga in the formal system. Children have many unexplained and unexpressed problems. They cannot express their problems correctly because their power of expression and their knowledge of their own psychology is not mature . According to psychologist, the child's abstract reasoning capacities, the ability to understand concepts and ideas which form the on basis of ongoing tecnical and moral education, its start frpm the age of eight years. Shambhavi mudra [concentration of th


 Major symptoms of  stress, nowadays we always  some stress in life Stress causes many major diseases . Its direct effect also visible on your face. Wrinkles, swelling of the eyes,  also acne is causes of stress .Stress causes follicles to close. According to the National Institutes of health when you are tense, so the body makes more cortisol hormones. Apart of the brain the hypothalamus produces a hormone called CRH. CRH increase the amount of oil released from the glands found near hair diseases. The skin loses its shines and too many diseases found like as, swelling under the eyes increases Stress reduces sleep and stripes, skin loosening decreased brightness appear ,its usually happens on ageing also weakening of your immune system.   Protein changes also redues its flexibility by altering the proteins found in skin, not only this, due top stress frequently pimples also occur around our eyebrows stress effects the outer layer of the skin . The fundament step in management . Asana,


 Dynamic practices often involve energetic movements of the body. They are inteneded  to increase flexibility, improve circulation, tone the muscles and joints. release energy blocks and remove stagnant waste from different parts of the body. These asanas strengthen the lungs and improve  digestive  system . Dynamic  practices are useful for beginners. they include the pawanmuktasana, surya namaskara, chandra namaskara, dynamic halasana. Regular practice of a balanced program, is recommended for maximum benefit.This is as essential to the practice of  asana as it is to all yoga practices,. First it may appear that asanas are concerned with the physical level because they deal with the movementof different parts of the body, but they  have profound effects at every level of being  if they are combiend with awareness. Shavasana may be performed at any point during asana practice,especially when feeling physically or mentally tired. It should also be practised on completion of the asana.