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Paschimott asanas perform by whom

 People who suffer from slipped disc, hernia sciatica should not practice Paschimottasanas.  This asana precede or follow backward bending asana such as,chakrasnas ,bujangasanas ,setu bandh or matsyasana etc. Benefits # This asana stretches the muscles and increases flexibility the hip joints .It tones and messages entire abdominal pelvic region, it helps to remove excess weight in this area and stimulate blood circulation to the muscles and nerves  of the spine. 

Padahastasana Pose in English

 Padahastasana pose : or hand to foot pose  First stand with your spinen erect feet together and hand beside the body in starting position. Divide equally weight of the body on both feet, slowly bend forward, starting with head bending, taking the chin towards the chest then bending the upper trunk ,relax the shoulders forward and  letting the arms go limp. Inhale in the starting position and exhale while bending forward. Breathe slowly and deeply inhale while returning to starting position.  Practice one round 4 to 5 minutes practice upto 4 round sufficient. This forward bending poses to encourage maximum flexibility.  Precaution : This asana should not be practice which people suffering from, back complications, heart disease, high blood pressure, hernia or  sciatica also . Benefits  : This asana are very beneficial for massages and tones the digestive organs, constipation, improve metabolism and concentration with nasal and throat disease. 


 Each and every body takes different types of breakfast everyday .If you have fresh breakfast every day, then all the the vitamin fulfill our body requirement so we should have a different breakfast. please follow these breakfast chart  Monday - On Monday you will eat unlimited fruits  like; apple, strawberry, grapes watermelon, papaya, pineapple, muskmelon, pomegranate,  apricot etc  everything unlimited for your glowing face. Tuesday- On Tuesday you will eat lots of salads like ; carrot, cucumber, whatever you want radish tomatoes, beetroot, whatever if you eat grow your hair. Wednesday-On Wednesday only sprouts to Wednesday! like gram sprouts, mung sprouts, and moth sprout are good for your muscles chew its properly otherwise it can also make you gas.    Thursday- On Thursday we will eat al least many variety of dry fruits Almonds, cashew nut, kismis, hazelnut, pistachio, dates, for hormonal balance. Friday- On Friday we will drink unlimited fruits sakes without sugar like; mango sa


In summer stomach related problem are very high. In this season there are usually stomach related diseases ; as Irritation in the stomach pain, acidity, diarrhea and vomiting , Indigestion, Typhoid etc,in summer season the number of  bacteria increases very rapidly. Temperature  of 25 c to 40 c are considered to be the best for bacteria thrive, out side food gets contaminated very quickly. Disease  arrives when such some healthy tips for upset stomach ;   HEALTHY FOOD FOR UPSET STOMACH ABDOMINAL EXERCISE          Eat fruits and sprouts in breakfast, healthy eating  as apple and papayas are good for your upset       .    stomach. Yoghurt  is also rich in calcium and good bacteria include curd in your meal.       Avoid  excess alcohol, soda, sugary  drink, packed juices,       Improve your sleeping routine, early to bed and early to rise, make your self healthy. Dinner before           9 p.m.   Drink milk before 1/2 hour go to bed.      Keep fast at least once a day in a week, a healthy


 If your are often feel tired and you are lacking in energy then you are not alone. so find out the reason for this. It is very important to healthy diet boost your immune. Fatigue  can be due to   many reason. know the best ways to improve the immune system and remove weaknesses.  ways to avoid this ; Exercise regularly at least 3 to 4 days a week. Yoga and deep breath will help you to remain calm. we often feel tired due to iron deficiency. Nutritional food has a lot of importance in our lives, eat more vegetables and fruits in the food .Reduce caffeine intake it just not in tea or coffee but also in pen killer, cold drinks and energy drinks. To give energy to your body eat some healthy; almonds dry fruits. Green leafy vegetables make up your iron deficiency . Iron is essential for the deficiency of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin levels directly affect our energy levels.It is necessary to know to increase vitality. The immune system is in manganese that keeps bacteria, viruses and


 Can face pigmentation be cured? Ya this is true you can remove your age ,or any types spots ,pigmentation  permanently.  Divine- paste  is amazing for people having skin related problems. How  to  make  Divine paste   Divine paste is very effective  for any type  of skin problems or pigmentation.  First method: Take a ripe banana ,aloe gel ,and  5to6 neem leaves   grind it and apply on your face 20 minutes in the morning ,you can also apply it before bedtime, then  some   pure cow's ghee apply on your face. After sometime see the change on your lovely face. Second method: Take a piece of ripe papaya ,add half cup raw milk, honey, and aloe jelly mix it properly then apply your face, use of this  divine paste on your pretty face sourly amazing beneficial for your pigment, and also remove spots on your face.                                                                                                                                                                                 


Your healthy habits can help you to achieve your goals. Here are some tips to helps you find the healthy balance in your healthy-life. since the pandemic broke out 70 % people turned to superfoods to build their  immunity strong, powerful. So if you are knowing to explore superfoods, here are 5 alternatives for you;  Yoghurt;[curd]; so many people likes eating yoghurt, yoghurt is already fermented foods -those that contain good bacteria and yeast. They're essential for keeping our guts and immune system balance. however, avoid sugary products. Gooseberry; [phyllanthus emblia ] gooseberry also known as Amla. Many nutritions are found in gooseberry. It is rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c boost immune system strong, antioxidants remove harmful toxins from the body, amla is beneficial for improving eye sight. Beetroot[garden-beet]  beetroot known with essential nutrients, beetroot have been numerous health benefit beetroots  are a great source of fiber ,beetroot juice also improve exercise


  Change your habits and lead  successful  and healthy life style. 1.  First  you maintain a healthy life style you need to keep eating healthy food. ,2. In breakfast add more fruits and vegetables such as whole grains ,protein, and eat less carbohydrates, 3. Avoid eating junk food, unhealthy fat and sweets, limit unhealthy food and eat healthy meals . 4. Never skip a meal ,always attention your personal hygiene and healthy diet. 5  Physical exercise is most important to mind, and body ,do exercise regularly and attention your daily       physical activeness. 6  Drink plenty of water at least [8 to 10 ] glass a day, and follow healthy sleeping pattern at least 6 to 8 hours.  7  Always maintain a healthy weight and body shape to measure and watch your weight. 8  Don't smoke  9  Take supplement vitamin, and calcium . 10  Always think positive be happy and healthy ,small things make great way.