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What 's Meditation?

 Meditation kills all pains, sorrows and gives the vision of unity. Meditation is the concept flow of one thought of God. It provides sense of oneness, meditation helps the aspirant to soar high in the realms of external bliss and everlasting peace.  Meditation is a mysterious ladder that connects earth to heaven, It follows Concentration.The best time for the practice of meditation in early morning from 5 to 6 am.  For meditation: Sit on Siddha or Sukha Asana. Keep the head ,neck and the trunk in a straight. Concentrate the space between the two eyebrows by heart, with close eyes.   Meditate on Om and its meaning with feeling. Repeat Om mentally. Identify yourself with soul. Feel  I'm the immortal self. I'm witness of there states and all modifications of the mind. I'm pure consciousness. I'm distinct from the body, mind, Prana,and senses. I'm the self luminous light. I'm external Supreme Soul. Then you have contentment, cheerfulness, patience, unruffled state