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 Constipation has become an accepted way of life for many people today, because of poor community education about basic health they are unknowingly tolerating of constipation for months and years, and this is rendering their bodily system become toxic and impure and their minds dull. A number of factors have combined to place modern  men and woman and children also be constipated. Constipation is the infrequent and difficult evacuation of hard dried stools.IT is a symptom not disease,  affecting more people because irritable bowel  syndrome ,one of the causes of constipation, is more common in woman men.  do's these  ; Eat a well -balance diet that includes  fibre-rich foods, such as  whole grain cereals, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids. Eat slowly and try to relax 30 minutes . Exercise increase blood circulation all over the body including intestines, thus  ensuring good peristaltic movement , leading to normal passage of the bowel.      Some Exercise t


 Variety of juice comes in our life. But ,could the addition of raw fruit or vegetables; like beetroots, carrots, gooseberry and mix some citrus fruits you add also to your daily routine or weekend , Really  make a difference. these mix juice is full of  phytonutrients ,anti-oxidants, and energy boosting. Tasty mix juice is a natural  detoxer that can support and improve liver health. consuming mix tasty juice  help blood flow to the brain and improved another function, there are numerous benefits to this healthy juice .You can drink it  atleast once your weekend, which are rich in iron, calcium, and both vitamin A and C .the beets and carrots are high in fiber, potassium, because mix juice is high in vitamin C it can protect from signs of ageing such as : wrinkles ,vitamin C have beneficial  effects on our skin.  BEETs have considered a super food and it is best for hair growth because carotenoids present in it which allows for better blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes the h


 THE body thorough the process of metabolism utilises oxygen to produce energy for performing daily functions. Oxygen's task is combustion that burning. The cell utilizes this oxygen to burn and regenerate to produce two more. Ayurveda defines the body [,sariram.] that is gradually decaying or ageing.Each new cell prouced is weaker than the previous one . This process is called as ageing .The important thing to understand is that faster the metabolism faster is the ageing Normally the digestive system which  synthesizes the nutrient and  growth of cells in young age ,accelerate the destructive process if a person leads a fast paced life and the body starts showing signs of ageing at an early stage. If process of destructive/fast regeneration is contained  and the body learns to utilize energy at an optimal level the person leads a long and healthy life. Some yogic kriyas and intake of 'rasa' , the nourishing fluid, inadequate measures provides sufficient energy cells and th


 Brahmi  plant is very highly found  in the coastal areas of the Ganges in north India,  brahmi  herb native to the wetland of southern and eastern India ,Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and  Its botanical name is Bacopa  monnieri its know as herb of grace, it is a staple plant in traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine. Brahmi plant care is pretty easy and forgiving.   Brahmi is a perennial herb most well know for its  memory enhancing property. Brahmi leaves helps  to manage cold, chest congestion and bronchitis by clear the respiratory system .Its anti-inflammatory property to taking Brahmi   leaves powder along with milk helps improve brain functions and preventing brain cell damage . Applying Brahmi oil to the scalp helps prevent hair loss as it nourishes provides strength to the hair., its also healing skin and speeds up the healing process when applied externally. we can use Brahmi leaves at home. Brahmi , is belie ved to sharpen the brain by protecting cells and increasing chemi


 Desire is an inherent trait of human being. Desire motivator for an individual to acquire knowledge and  mould his/her action . Firstly know your self ; It is important to evaluate and analyse  your desires. To maximise  the potential for fulfilment, firstly it is essential to look within yourself and evaluate how real your desire is.  Your desire must be found in your belief in your own abilities. Ask yourself if you have skills, ability and knowledge to fulfil your desire .Visualise and feel that you have got what you wanted .this kind of exercise      is most potent just before you fall  asleep and immediately after waking up when the soil of the subconscious mind is most fertile and will allow fruition of any seed of desire planted in it . This  is not as easy as it seems .Carefully priorities your desires. Place the one which you consider  most essential for your welfare on top of the list and move down from there . It is important to consider whether your desire is  entierly  se


 According to researchers whole grains like oatmeal, barley and brown rice of clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes. In a review of seven major studies, the researchers found that higher whole grain   intake was consistently linked to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke . On average, adults who ate 2.5 servings of whole grains per day were nearly one-quarter less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than their peers who rarely consumed whole grains Whole grains are believed to benefit the heart in a number of ways. The fiber and other nutrients in whole grains may help lower cholesterol blood sugar and insulin levels , as well as improve blood vessel functioning and reduce inflammation in the circulatory system .   "Many consumers and health professionals are unaware of the health benefits of whole grains. Some may also be confused  about what exactly constitutes  a whole grain. whole grains contain three components; bran and germ ,which are rich in fiber and nutrie


 Brisk walking everyday for around an hour can help you lose weight cribbing walking does not work for them. Experts says that it isn't good enough an exerise to lose weight, but rather because the diet followers fails to support him/her. Experts have stated that brisk walking  for an hour burns around 500 calories. You must keep in mind that you just cannot outwalk a bad diet - whatever you eat affects yours weight and you cannot put the blame on 'walking is not good for losing weight'. Walking, in fact, not just burns those unwanted calories, but also helps you destress, boost your energy, keep your heart healthy and also inspires yours creativity. Here are a few common diet mistakes ,    that should avoid... DO NOT IGNORE FAT COMPLETELY In a bid to lose weight quickly, many don't include fat in their daily diet .This way,  even the good fats are ignored. T he omega 3s available in fish ,seeds nuts, avocados, coconut ant olive oil are actually long-burning fuel. Note


Yoga exercise s revitalizes the cells in the human body and keep the body fit and youthful . Lose of sukra can be checked by practicing sanatan kriya  Weak joints , wrinkled skin .greying hair are the signs of body succumbing to ageing is true that the  body is constantly moving towards destruction, but there exist ways to arrest this process. Ageing is synonymous to loss of sukra in the body . Sukra is the subtle element that provides luster to  hair and skin, strength  to joints and organs, longevity, and attraction  normally seen in abundance in saints  and evolved beings, which pull one towards them unknowingly .This sukra gets dried up due  to constant hyperactive and excessive toxin produced in the body due to certain unhealthy practices. The four major reasons for the loss of sukra in the body are emotional congestion, excessive physical labour,  anger and overindulgence in sexual activities. A practitioner of  sanatan  kriya is able to check all four without having to make


 Should vitamin D be added to food? When we first discovered that vitamin D Deficiency was an issue in India in 1990s ,nobody was willing to take its seriously,' vitamin D helps build and maintain bones. Without it, the body finds it difficult to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food or supplements. And that happens, the bones become brittle and cause joint and muscular pains. Many studies in recent years have also linked low levels of vitamin D to different diseases. including many cancer ,type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. 'but while its role in bone and muscular mass formation is clearly established, till some year ago , not everybody was willing to accept that people in sunlight - soaked India were actually deficient in the vitamin D. All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] in New Delhi that first studied the problem in India  "Vitamin D has been a long standing big problem among children and poor people. Now even rich people are getting vitamin D


 Whenever the weather changes we all suddenly feel a lot of pain in the body. Do not understand what to do and then you will remember the words of your grandmother. you must have heard grandmother or mother often say that if the body is hurting, then add turmeric in milk and drink it. Cold is a cold, drink turmeric in milk and turmeric, Which medicine for merge? Although milk and turmeric sounds strange, but it is very beneficial! Turmeric has many advantages in terms of health. Consuming turmeric with hot milk is also very beneficial for our health. 1  Turmeric helping with weight loss. consumption of turmeric with hot milk reduces body fat. Calcium and minerals present in it help in weight loss in a healthy way. 2 Turmeric helpful in getting sound sleep. sleep is deep after intake of amino acid content in turmeric. If you suffer from insomnia? then half an hour before bedtime, consume turmeric with warm milk. 3 Relieve pain  consumption of turmeric milk provides relief from arthritis

An apple juice a day can keep asthama away

Drinking apple juice could halve the risk of developing asthma, but consuming whole apples  appears to have no affect . Experts believe the epidemic of asthma in  developed countries could be linked to a away from   natural ,  fresh foods to fast foods, The study ,published in the European Respiratory Journal, looked at 2,700 primary school kids and found those drinking apple juice at least once a day were 50% less likely to develop asthma  symptoms .Researchers led by professor Peter Burney at the National Heart $ Lung institute, Imperial collage London, were surprised the juice was more protective-than eating apples or any other fruit.`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````    Long workouts that last more than half an hour may boost your good cholesterol, according to a new review cholesterol is a good fatty substance that is found in the body tissue and blood of all anim

Crunches Keep Your Abs Fit

 There are lots of exercises to strengthen your abdominal area ; we will explaining the correct way to do abdominal crunches.  Abdominal  exercises should be added to everyone's fitness regime to maintain a strong core or midsection. Stronger abdominal muscles not only help you maintain a good posture but also reduce your chances of suffering from lower back pain.  When these muscles are in poor condition a lot of pressure is applied to the spine and the chances of lower back injury are much higher. Remember all the muscles in your body tend to get weaker unless they are worked out and this is true.  Especially for abs crunches ;    Lie down on your back with your knees bent and hands across the chest . Slowly lift your head and upper back off the floor towards your legs while maintaining a constant pressure on your abdominal area . Go as high as you can without raising your lower back off the floor and flex your abdominal for a second. Make Sure to breathe out as you go up and bre


 YOGA tradition at the beginning  of twenty-first century, humankind  stands at a crossroad. Technological progress and economic development have created immense wealth for some, but not at all. Globalization has linked the world out of economic necessity. Rapid urbanization has harmed the environment and disconnected the individual from nature. Voices are raised about pollution , Covid 19 also environmental  damage , both inner and outer , and need to uplift the poor. On an inner level, people are unhappy , unhealthy ,stressed and unsure about the direction of life. Yoga is increasing awareness that human beings have a choice about whether to to blindly pursue a non-existent utopia  or to live in harmony and fulfilment.                                                                                                                               Yoga provides a system that restores order to our lives, creating harmony so that imbalances in the form of disease and neurosis drop away. Yog