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Mentally retaired cure to yoga

 Yes its true in my house a mangol boy means mentally retarded 40 years boy leaves with us.but this is true when i met him then he was 20  years old. Still he has not very changed you will surprised to  see him and very healthy now. But how its miracle now i will tell you everything thing about him .first  i introduce . He getup almost 9 to 10 sometime he  getup early. Then he take tea after that he drank another cup of tea afternoon before he take bath 2 to 3 hours bathing he come out and take lunch after that he goes to relax for bed then he take some snakes in evening  then 5 o clock he take tea after taking tea he go for evening walk then he comes  back after he take dinner 8 o clock and than he walks around 1 hours after that he watches t.v than around 10 to 11 he sleeps this is his healthy routine. I hope you enjoy read this article. Thanks for reading.