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 Each and every body takes different types of breakfast everyday .If you have fresh breakfast every day, then all the the vitamin fulfill our body requirement so we should have a different breakfast. please follow these breakfast chart  Monday - On Monday you will eat unlimited fruits  like; apple, strawberry, grapes watermelon, papaya, pineapple, muskmelon, pomegranate,  apricot etc  everything unlimited for your glowing face. Tuesday- On Tuesday you will eat lots of salads like ; carrot, cucumber, whatever you want radish tomatoes, beetroot, whatever if you eat grow your hair. Wednesday-On Wednesday only sprouts to Wednesday! like gram sprouts, mung sprouts, and moth sprout are good for your muscles chew its properly otherwise it can also make you gas.    Thursday- On Thursday we will eat al least many variety of dry fruits Almonds, cashew nut, kismis, hazelnut, pistachio, dates, for hormonal balance. Friday- On Friday we will drink unlimited fruits sakes without sugar like; mango sa


Yoga tradition  in order to understand this, all we need to do is observe nature. Some of the best examples of yoga tradition can be drawn from it. Nature has bestowed these in the form of tradition. Another important function of yoga tradition to disseminate ancient spiritual knowledge passed down from the rishis of the vedic era.  Yoga tradition is to pass on useful knowledge. The planets, The seasons, The plant, Animal, mineral and human kingdoms are all governed by their own set of rules. All that we know today about ourselves and the world we live in through the traditions formulated throughout the ages by different civilizations. We see a variety of traditions existing in the world today. How impossible it would have been for man to reach his present level of achievement if nature was erratic and yoga traditions, yoga traditions lend stability to life ,through stability, growth ensues, society evolves and cultures flourish. In traditions new discoveries are made and difficult tas