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 If your are often feel tired and you are lacking in energy then you are not alone. so find out the reason for this. It is very important to healthy diet boost your immune. Fatigue  can be due to   many reason. know the best ways to improve the immune system and remove weaknesses.  ways to avoid this ; Exercise regularly at least 3 to 4 days a week. Yoga and deep breath will help you to remain calm. we often feel tired due to iron deficiency. Nutritional food has a lot of importance in our lives, eat more vegetables and fruits in the food .Reduce caffeine intake it just not in tea or coffee but also in pen killer, cold drinks and energy drinks. To give energy to your body eat some healthy; almonds dry fruits. Green leafy vegetables make up your iron deficiency . Iron is essential for the deficiency of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin levels directly affect our energy levels.It is necessary to know to increase vitality. The immune system is in manganese that keeps bacteria, viruses and


 Vision  is our most precious sense. Refracting muscles of the eye is to institute a series of exercises to initially relax and then to strengthen. Along with exercises for the eyes, a healthy lifestyle is necessary for us. Important thing to remember practice of yoga exercise to be totally relax.   EYE Exercises should be practised ,once in the morning or once in the evening  1.    Palming; rub the hands together vigorously until they become warm. Place the palm gently over the eyelids, without any pressure2. Blinking;  Sit with the eyes open. Blink the eyes 12 times quickly. Close the eyes and  relaxed, repeat this exercises 6 times. 3. Sideways viewing ; A sitting position with the legs straight in front of the body. raise the arms to the  sides at shoulder level, keep them straight ,make a loose fist and point the thumbs upwards. the head should not move .Look at a fixed point directly in front and on a level with the eyes. Fix the position of the head in this neutral ,then without


 Can face pigmentation be cured? Ya this is true you can remove your age ,or any types spots ,pigmentation  permanently.  Divine- paste  is amazing for people having skin related problems. How  to  make  Divine paste   Divine paste is very effective  for any type  of skin problems or pigmentation.  First method: Take a ripe banana ,aloe gel ,and  5to6 neem leaves   grind it and apply on your face 20 minutes in the morning ,you can also apply it before bedtime, then  some   pure cow's ghee apply on your face. After sometime see the change on your lovely face. Second method: Take a piece of ripe papaya ,add half cup raw milk, honey, and aloe jelly mix it properly then apply your face, use of this  divine paste on your pretty face sourly amazing beneficial for your pigment, and also remove spots on your face.                                                                                                                                                                                 


Your healthy habits can help you to achieve your goals. Here are some tips to helps you find the healthy balance in your healthy-life. since the pandemic broke out 70 % people turned to superfoods to build their  immunity strong, powerful. So if you are knowing to explore superfoods, here are 5 alternatives for you;  Yoghurt;[curd]; so many people likes eating yoghurt, yoghurt is already fermented foods -those that contain good bacteria and yeast. They're essential for keeping our guts and immune system balance. however, avoid sugary products. Gooseberry; [phyllanthus emblia ] gooseberry also known as Amla. Many nutritions are found in gooseberry. It is rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c boost immune system strong, antioxidants remove harmful toxins from the body, amla is beneficial for improving eye sight. Beetroot[garden-beet]  beetroot known with essential nutrients, beetroot have been numerous health benefit beetroots  are a great source of fiber ,beetroot juice also improve exercise


 Yoga  is a perfect practical system of self -culture. Yoga is an ancient vedic science. Its helps at development of  the body ,mind and the soul.  Yoga is the discipline of mind, senses and physical body. Yoga is way of the senses from  the universe and the concentration of the mind. Yoga is eternal life in the soul. Yoga aims to controlling the mind and body . Yoga makes our mind ,body, soul, immunity very powerful. It helps us leading a healthy and peaceful life.   THE path of Yoga is an inner helps in the co-ordination and control  of the subtle forces within the body. Yoga brings the perfections, peace, and everlasting  happiness. Yoga can help you in your business and in your daily life. You can calmness  of mind at all times by  the practice of yoga. You can have restful sleep, you can have increased  energy ;  vitality, longevity and a high standard of health  Yoga transmutes animal nature into divine nature and raises you to the pinnacle of divine glory and splendor. The pract


        TODAY  diabetes is most common disease in the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Diabetes   is demanding is best undertaken  while the patient is fully reident in a properly equipped yoga ashram, but you follow some  yoga  asanas meditation to maintain your mellitus diabetes .yoga  does not accept that a lifestyle based on excessive consumption of rich food, obesity and lack of exercise is a natural or desirable state. yoga seems to bring about body's insulin.anti rheumatic series of pawanmukta asana, which removes blockage of energy in the peripheral muscles and tissues.  the yoga and progress will vary for each individual. It is not to be considered absolute for all diabetics ,but should as a general guideline from individual needs and capacities, practices for diabetes mana


 This sever form of headaches occurs more commonly in women than man . It is characterized by  periodic headaches which are usually one-sided and often accompanied by visual disturbances and  vomiting. Migraine is to be caused by swelling of the arteries out side the skull due to instability of the autonomic nervous system which controls the flow of blood into the head . HEALTHY TIPS   1 Surya namaskar  is most effectively in migraine . 2   Avoid  especially tyramine rich foods, such as cheese ,chocolate and red wine. 3   If sufferer are performed  hatha yoga ,neti and kunjal at the beginning of an attack       of migraine , they gains immediate relief  4    A vegetarian diet is recommended ,avoid rich food .  5   Practices yoga nidra daily. 6   fundamental  practices for migraine  and muscle tension headache can often  eradicated completely through yoga and asanas, 7  skipping a meal and relaxing for ten minutes in shavasana will often avert an  impending headache due to mental stress


  Change your habits and lead  successful  and healthy life style. 1.  First  you maintain a healthy life style you need to keep eating healthy food. ,2. In breakfast add more fruits and vegetables such as whole grains ,protein, and eat less carbohydrates, 3. Avoid eating junk food, unhealthy fat and sweets, limit unhealthy food and eat healthy meals . 4. Never skip a meal ,always attention your personal hygiene and healthy diet. 5  Physical exercise is most important to mind, and body ,do exercise regularly and attention your daily       physical activeness. 6  Drink plenty of water at least [8 to 10 ] glass a day, and follow healthy sleeping pattern at least 6 to 8 hours.  7  Always maintain a healthy weight and body shape to measure and watch your weight. 8  Don't smoke  9  Take supplement vitamin, and calcium . 10  Always think positive be happy and healthy ,small things make great way.    


  Pranayama is generally defined as breath control. The word pranayama is comprised of two roots ; 'prana' The breath is intimately linked to all aspects of human experience. Pranayama  establishes regular breathing patterns, breaking this negative cycle and reversing the process. Most people breathe incorrectly , using only a small part of their lungs capacity. Practitioner  develop sensitivity to the respiratory process and retrain the muscles of the pulmonary cavity, enhancing their vital capacity and preparing them for pranayama.   plus 'ayama.' prana means 'vital energy' or life force . It is the force which  exists in all things, whether animate or inanimate. Although closely related to the air we breathe, it is more subtle than air or oxygen. Pranayama utilizes breathing to influence the flow of prana in the nadis  or energy channels of the pranayama kosha or energy body. The word yama means 'control' and is used to denote various rules or codes o


 Science is very clear about the effects of yoga on the brain and on human consciousness and character. The time has come to decide how to implement this as a practical scheme. In India, children are traditionally introduced to the practice of yoga at the age of eight, nine or ten. The vedic tradition has a ceremony for children of this age in which they are taught surya namaskar, nadi sodhan pranayama and Gayatri mantra. this tradition still conti nues on a small scale today, but it is also necessary to include yoga in the formal system. Children have many unexplained and unexpressed problems. They cannot express their problems correctly because their power of expression and their knowledge of their own psychology is not mature . According to psychologist, the child's abstract reasoning capacities, the ability to understand concepts and ideas which form the on basis of ongoing tecnical and moral education, its start frpm the age of eight years. Shambhavi mudra [concentration of th


 Major symptoms of  stress, nowadays we always  some stress in life Stress causes many major diseases . Its direct effect also visible on your face. Wrinkles, swelling of the eyes,  also acne is causes of stress .Stress causes follicles to close. According to the National Institutes of health when you are tense, so the body makes more cortisol hormones. Apart of the brain the hypothalamus produces a hormone called CRH. CRH increase the amount of oil released from the glands found near hair diseases. The skin loses its shines and too many diseases found like as, swelling under the eyes increases Stress reduces sleep and stripes, skin loosening decreased brightness appear ,its usually happens on ageing also weakening of your immune system.   Protein changes also redues its flexibility by altering the proteins found in skin, not only this, due top stress frequently pimples also occur around our eyebrows stress effects the outer layer of the skin . The fundament step in management . Asana,


 Dynamic practices often involve energetic movements of the body. They are inteneded  to increase flexibility, improve circulation, tone the muscles and joints. release energy blocks and remove stagnant waste from different parts of the body. These asanas strengthen the lungs and improve  digestive  system . Dynamic  practices are useful for beginners. they include the pawanmuktasana, surya namaskara, chandra namaskara, dynamic halasana. Regular practice of a balanced program, is recommended for maximum benefit.This is as essential to the practice of  asana as it is to all yoga practices,. First it may appear that asanas are concerned with the physical level because they deal with the movementof different parts of the body, but they  have profound effects at every level of being  if they are combiend with awareness. Shavasana may be performed at any point during asana practice,especially when feeling physically or mentally tired. It should also be practised on completion of the asana.


 The child has his own laws of growth and if we want to help him grow we must follow him grow we must follow him instead of imposing our  on him.        by Maria  Montessori THE  yoga experience for the child of this age should not come through lessons but through play.  Imagination is a new formation in the preschool child which is not present in the consciousness of the very young child; People do do not learn by being taught but learn by experiencing the consequences of their actions. It has been found that learning through playing games has a number of intrinsic virtues, one of these being their attention-focusing quality. Play and games are a very old and widespread form of learning.  In India, children traditionally receive their initial yoga instructions at the time of [upanayansanskar] the thread ceremony, in the eight year. In  ancient culture boys and girls were initiated into Surya namaskara nadi shodhana ,pranayama and Gayatri mantra at this magical age which represent '


        Salutaions to the moon [chandra namaskar ]                                                                                                                                                                             The lunar energy flows within  ida  nadi .It has cool, relaxing and creative qualities. Ida is the introverted, feminine  or mental  force which is responsible for consciousness.  Chandra  namaskara is best practised in the evening or at night, especially when the moon is visible, Where as the twelve positions of surya namaskara relate to the twelve zodiac solar phases of the year, the fourteen positions of the lunar the practice of chandra namaskara . It is advisable to learn surya namaskara before attempting chandra namaskara as the postures are the same for both .except for one extra pose .Chandra namaskara when practising at night,ensure that the stomach is empty. ARDHA CHANDRASANA  ;  Maintaining the balance in the full stretch of ashwa sanchalansana,


 The good health of the neuroendocrine system was understood to be vital to higher awareness. Balancing of the emotions, and giving a suitable outlet for their expression is an important part of yoga therapy for thyroid disease. One of the most prominent precipitating factor in stages of thyroid  imbalance  is long-term suppression and blockage of emotional expression. This is closely related to   another condition,    'globus hystericus' , which  is also prominent in middle -age  woman. yoga had devised practices which not only maintained healthy glands and metabolism,  stimulating       but also formed  part of a system of enlightenment . Sarvangasana ; [shoulder stand]   Sarvangasana is  most well recognized asana for thyroid glad  ,an enormous  pressure is placed on the gland by this powerful posture , as the thyroid has one of the largest blood supplies of body organ, this  pressure has dramatic effects on its function ,improving circulation  with attentive awareness  come


 The female reprodective system is more  complex therefore it is subject to more frequent disturbances  Disturbance  of the menstrual and reprodective functions are extremely common. and suffering for many  women through out their lives  Many  are too shy or ashamed to seek guidance and assistance when trouble some irregularities of function occur  in period. The monthly hormonal cycle of  menstruation serves as a  constant backdrop for the mental and emotional life of every woman, as well as being an important factor in her overall state of health . 1. surya namaskara; this will increase the pranic energy and balance nervous and endocrine function function according to your capacity, gradually build up to twelve rounds over a period of weeks or month. 2 asana;  the shakti bandh series is most effective in releasing blockages of energy in the pelvic region. tadasana , shavasana bhujangasana the following asana practices under the expert yogic guidance. DIET ;A wholesome vegetarian diet


 Dynamic practices often involve energetic movements of the body .The mind and the body  are not separate entities. The practice of asana integrates and harmonizes both the body and mind harbour  tensions or knots. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, and muscular  knot. The aim of asana is to release these knots. Asanas release mental tensions by dealing with them on the physical level, through the body to the mind.  example ; emotional  tensions and suppression can tighten up and block the smooth functioning of the  lungs ,and breathing process. Muscular knots can occur anywhere in the body ;tightness of the neck as crevical spondylitis, etc. Well chosen set of yoga ,pranayama, meditation  and yoga nidra, is most effective in eliminating these ,tackling  them from both mental and physical levels. The result is the release of doormat energy ; the body becomes light ,creative, joyful and balanced. Regular practice of asana maintains the physical body in an optimum condition


 A regular intake of  five vitamins will help you have a healthy life .With the weather undergoing a change everyday, sometimes pleasant and sometimes warm but, these essential elements will help you have a healthy life in changing climate , Benefits of vitamin c ; Vitamin C is known to increase your immunity because it is an anti- oxidant in nature ,The onset of some season mark infections like cold, cough, fever ,and ,flu ,covid 19 . IT also help to build skin its collagen  boosting property ,It adds extra glow on our skin In some places ,food supply could be affected because of extreme winter ,hence  the intake of iron can take a backseat. Iron absorbed to its maximum vitamin c ;hence it also helps good maintain iron content in blood .then you know about vitamin  D benefits Benefits of vitamin  d ; vitamin D is required all round the year ,the dull weather and the falling temperature makes the intake of this vitamin more essential . It is extremely step out in the sun for at least 


Meditation posture like ; Vajrasana  is used by Muslims and Zen Buddhists as a position for prayer . people who cannot perform padmasana ,or find to uncomfortable , sit in vajraasana for meditation practice. Some classical asana are very effectively  as vajra asana [thunderbolt pose ]  Vajra asana is highly thought of of as a meditation posture in many cultures throughout the world. Vajra is also the major nadi  directly connected  with the genito-urinary  system ,which regulates the sexual energy in our body. the vajrasana  is therefore very beneficial for the reproductive as well as digestive organs and is also reasonably easy to perform. how to do Vajrasana ; [thunderbolt pose]  knee on the floor with the knees close together. bring the big toes together and separate  the heels. lower your buttocks on to the inside surface of the feet with the heels touching the sides of the hips. Place the hands on the knees, palm down The back and head should be straight but not tense. close your