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Crunches Keep Your Abs Fit

 There are lots of exercises to strengthen your abdominal area ; we will explaining the correct way to do abdominal crunches.

 Abdominal  exercises should be added to everyone's fitness regime to maintain a strong core or midsection. Stronger abdominal muscles not only help you maintain a good posture but also reduce your chances of suffering from lower back pain. 

When these muscles are in poor condition a lot of pressure is applied to the spine and the chances of lower back injury are much higher.

Remember all the muscles in your body tend to get weaker unless they are worked out and this is true.  Especially for abs crunches ;    Lie down on your back with your knees bent and hands across the chest .

Slowly lift your head and upper back off the floor towards your legs while maintaining a constant pressure on your abdominal area .

Go as high as you can without raising your lower back off the floor and flex your abdominal for a second.

Make Sure to breathe out as you go up and breathe in as you come down.

If you new to the exercise then start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each for two days a week.

This exercise can be performed almost anywhere at any time, but it is imperative that the correct  method is followed.

Crunches will not get rid off the fat around your belly the only way to burn fat from your belly is to reduce overall body fat by reducing your overall calorie intake and incorporating cardiovascular and weight training exercises regularly. If you have any doubts please consult your physician .This exercise is not recommended for individuals with lower back problem.


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