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 Constipation has become an accepted way of life for many people today, because of poor community education about basic health they are unknowingly tolerating of constipation for months and years, and this is rendering their bodily system become toxic and impure and their minds dull.

A number of factors have combined to place modern  men and woman and children also be constipated.

Constipation is the infrequent and difficult evacuation of hard dried stools.IT is a symptom not disease, 

affecting more people because irritable bowel  syndrome ,one of the causes of constipation, is more common in woman men. 

do's these  ;

Eat a well -balance diet that includes  fibre-rich foods, such as  whole grain cereals, pulses, fresh fruits

and vegetables.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Eat slowly and try to relax 30 minutes .

Exercise increase blood circulation all over the body including intestines, thus 

ensuring good peristaltic movement , leading to normal passage of the bowel. 

    Some Exercise to help to cure constipation  this is called  yogic management of

constipation : 1 Surya namaskar ;practice up to 12 rounds each morning at sunrise.

Foods which benefit in constipation;

whole grains cereals; are rich in fibre and should be consumed in the form of whole wheat flour and its products, wheat bran, oats, brown rice, etc

whole pulses and legumes; like kidney beans ,chana and other whole pulses are rich in fibre, especially the soluble fibre which also lowers cholesterol and thus should be preferred over split pulses.

vegetables; green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard and broccoli, beans, cauliflower . 

and carrots are good sources of fibre.

Fruits;  whole fresh fruits should be consumed with skin wherever  possible as the valuable pectin fibre is found in the skin and pulp, high fibre fruits like papaya, dates and raspberries are good for clearing constipation. 

Constipation simply translates as a malfunctioning of the digestive system to cure this An effective 

asana to stimulate the digestive system is the dhanurasana. for this ;lie on stomach with eyes shut and awareness on apaan vayu. Fold your legs grabbing the ankles with your palms.Take a deep breath and gently lift upper torso and the legs off the floor such that the body is balanced on the stomach.

Maintain this posture for a count of seven, exhaling release repeat it seven times. 

Yog sutras an important pranayam, to the agnisaar kriya.[digestive fire] for this , sit in sidhhasana an

d hold your knees with the palms. Exhaling completely make a chin lock doing jalandar bandha than the holding the position and the breath move your stomach in and out  7 times. Slowly inhaling release the 

bandha. this practice should always done on an empty stomach ,all these yoga .kriyas must always be practiced under the supervision of yoga expertise .

Good health ,high vitality and freedom from disease demand that the wastes be expelled regularly 

the primary ones being wrong eating habit, unhealthy sleep patterns, and emotional congestion. are disrupt the free flow flow of prana in the body. 

avoid ;  smoking, sedentary life style. 



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