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 This sever form of headaches occurs more commonly in women than man . It is characterized by 

periodic headaches which are usually one-sided and often accompanied by visual disturbances and 

vomiting. Migraine is to be caused by swelling of the arteries out side the skull due to instability of the autonomic nervous system which controls the flow of blood into the head .



1 Surya namaskar

 is most effectively in migraine .

2   Avoid  especially tyramine rich foods, such as cheese ,chocolate and red wine.

3   If sufferer are performed  hatha yoga ,neti and kunjal at the beginning of an attack 

     of migraine , they gains immediate relief 

4    A vegetarian diet is recommended ,avoid rich food . 

5   Practices yoga nidra daily.

6   fundamental  practices for migraine  and muscle tension headache can often 

eradicated completely through yoga and asanas,

7  skipping a meal and relaxing for ten minutes in shavasana will often avert an 

impending headache due to mental stress.


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