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Yoga tradition  in order to understand this, all we need to do is observe nature. Some of the best examples of yoga tradition can be drawn from it. Nature has bestowed these in the form of tradition. Another important function of yoga tradition to disseminate ancient spiritual knowledge passed down from the rishis of the vedic era.

 Yoga tradition is to pass on useful knowledge. The planets, The seasons, The plant, Animal, mineral and human kingdoms are all governed by their own set of rules. All that we know today about ourselves and the world we live in through the traditions formulated throughout the ages by different civilizations. We see a variety of traditions existing in the world today.

How impossible it would have been for man to reach his present level of achievement if nature was erratic and yoga traditions, yoga traditions lend stability to life ,through stability, growth ensues, society evolves and cultures flourish. In traditions new discoveries are made and difficult tasks accomplished. This stability is exemplified in the traditions of nature. THE essence of all tradition is continuity.

Yoga tradition as an essential science for human development. It is a holistic system which addresses all aspects of human life in the spheres of physical health, mental well-being, emotional behaviour  and work environment. On an inner level, people are unhappy, stressed , unhealthy, and unsure about the direction of life. Yoga traditions provides a system that restores order to our lives, creating harmony so that imbalances in the form of disease. Mind regains its peace, its peace, the emotions begin to harmonize and the body recovers its vital capacity. Yoga system is a complete science of harmonious , living suitable for everyone, mental condition or level of fitness.

THE beauty of yoga tradition is that it slowly grows on one, and it is totally up to the practitioner to decide how much to implement. Divine life was everyone 's birthright and could be practised in simple ways even while living in the normal social environment. Asana were classified and grouped according to position and sequence, and prefer with the pawanmukt asana series, so that everyone could benefit. Pranayama as a complete system was revealed. Yoga nidra provided major relief from stress as well as a means of deep relaxation, mantras have been beneficial for daily practice. Meditation practices have been systematized. Yoga tradition has been effectively integrated into society for development of human resources, yoga system , is an interconnected and vibrant holistic system spread all over the world, meeting the physical, spiritual, psychological and spiriual needs of the current generation.


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 Dynamic practices often involve energetic movements of the body .The mind and the body  are not separate entities. The practice of asana integrates and harmonizes both the body and mind harbour  tensions or knots. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, and muscular  knot. The aim of asana is to release these knots. Asanas release mental tensions by dealing with them on the physical level, through the body to the mind.  example ; emotional  tensions and suppression can tighten up and block the smooth functioning of the  lungs ,and breathing process. Muscular knots can occur anywhere in the body ;tightness of the neck as crevical spondylitis, etc. Well chosen set of yoga ,pranayama, meditation  and yoga nidra, is most effective in eliminating these ,tackling  them from both mental and physical levels. The result is the release of doormat energy ; the body becomes light ,creative, joyful and balanced. Regular practice of asana maintains the physical body in an optimum condition


 Vision  is our most precious sense. Refracting muscles of the eye is to institute a series of exercises to initially relax and then to strengthen. Along with exercises for the eyes, a healthy lifestyle is necessary for us. Important thing to remember practice of yoga exercise to be totally relax.   EYE Exercises should be practised ,once in the morning or once in the evening  1.    Palming; rub the hands together vigorously until they become warm. Place the palm gently over the eyelids, without any pressure2. Blinking;  Sit with the eyes open. Blink the eyes 12 times quickly. Close the eyes and  relaxed, repeat this exercises 6 times. 3. Sideways viewing ; A sitting position with the legs straight in front of the body. raise the arms to the  sides at shoulder level, keep them straight ,make a loose fist and point the thumbs upwards. the head should not move .Look at a fixed point directly in front and on a level with the eyes. Fix the position of the head in this neutral ,then without


 YOGA tradition at the beginning  of twenty-first century, humankind  stands at a crossroad. Technological progress and economic development have created immense wealth for some, but not at all. Globalization has linked the world out of economic necessity. Rapid urbanization has harmed the environment and disconnected the individual from nature. Voices are raised about pollution , Covid 19 also environmental  damage , both inner and outer , and need to uplift the poor. On an inner level, people are unhappy , unhealthy ,stressed and unsure about the direction of life. Yoga is increasing awareness that human beings have a choice about whether to to blindly pursue a non-existent utopia  or to live in harmony and fulfilment.                                                                                                                               Yoga provides a system that restores order to our lives, creating harmony so that imbalances in the form of disease and neurosis drop away. Yog