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 Give your whole heart, mind and soul when you practice Karma yoga. Some people have their body in one place, mind and soul another place, that the reason we do not realize any progress in the path.

     The goal of life is Self-realisation of life amidst self activities. Have you kept up the ideal before minds eye? Are you doing Pranayama and Meaditation? That day in which you don't practice any activities or spiritual sadhana is wasted. So prepare the mind for Karma Yoga.The mind is framed that it always expects something for work .

Life is very precious. A raw untrained aspirant feels " He is using me for petty jobs."They who has understood the right significance of  Karma Yoga they take every work as Yogic activity or worship of the Lord. There's no menial work in his vision. Those aspirants who always takes immense delight in doing works.They will be0 absolutely free from conceit and egoism. They will have no downfall and the cancer of pride cannot touch them. 

A Karma Yogin should not expect love ,appreciation, gratitude, and admiration from from the people whom he serving. But in the long run you are bound to succeed if you persist in your practice and if you disciplined the mind properly. Another lesson of Karma Yoga is that you must balance in gain and loss,without love or hate. Karma means work or action.Have right thinking  use your commonsense. 


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 Dynamic practices often involve energetic movements of the body .The mind and the body  are not separate entities. The practice of asana integrates and harmonizes both the body and mind harbour  tensions or knots. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, and muscular  knot. The aim of asana is to release these knots. Asanas release mental tensions by dealing with them on the physical level, through the body to the mind.  example ; emotional  tensions and suppression can tighten up and block the smooth functioning of the  lungs ,and breathing process. Muscular knots can occur anywhere in the body ;tightness of the neck as crevical spondylitis, etc. Well chosen set of yoga ,pranayama, meditation  and yoga nidra, is most effective in eliminating these ,tackling  them from both mental and physical levels. The result is the release of doormat energy ; the body becomes light ,creative, joyful and balanced. Regular practice of asana maintains the physical body in an optimum condition


 Vision  is our most precious sense. Refracting muscles of the eye is to institute a series of exercises to initially relax and then to strengthen. Along with exercises for the eyes, a healthy lifestyle is necessary for us. Important thing to remember practice of yoga exercise to be totally relax.   EYE Exercises should be practised ,once in the morning or once in the evening  1.    Palming; rub the hands together vigorously until they become warm. Place the palm gently over the eyelids, without any pressure2. Blinking;  Sit with the eyes open. Blink the eyes 12 times quickly. Close the eyes and  relaxed, repeat this exercises 6 times. 3. Sideways viewing ; A sitting position with the legs straight in front of the body. raise the arms to the  sides at shoulder level, keep them straight ,make a loose fist and point the thumbs upwards. the head should not move .Look at a fixed point directly in front and on a level with the eyes. Fix the position of the head in this neutral ,then without

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 Yoga plays an important role in preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma and back pain etc.As we perform yoga in empty stomach early morning is very beneficial for us. Some yogic asanas, stretching, breathing, bending stimulating blood circulation, balance the nervous system, yoga benefits the other systems in our body such as the cardiovascular and digestive system also The asanas and exercises are beneficial for our body mind ,muscles and joints, the psyche the entire energy centers, so early morning performances yoga daily is beneficial for allowing all,thus practice preventing many lifestyle diseases.